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Don Toliver shares how he stays creative: “I had to do a lot, but it feels good to get here”

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Don Toliver, Bloody Osiris and Sheck Wes are on the new cover of Flaunt‘s “In the Garden of Cactus Jack” issue, as artists under Travis Scott‘s label, Cactus Jack Records.

Toliver signed to Cactus Jack in 2018 and went on to sing vocals on tracks with Lil Uzi Vert, Masego, Nas, Big Sean, Gunna and more, developing a consistent style.

“It took time. It wasn’t an overnight thing at all,” he tells Flaunt of his creative style“I had to do a lot, but it feels good to get here.”

The “What You Need” artist enjoys staying in a “creative mind space” and creating safe environments to musically express his vulnerability. 

“I’m always moving forward,” Don shares. “I’ve always been someone that moves forward within my life, but that was step after step after step, I always find a way to move forward. That’s one thing I know about myself.”

Making note of the impact of the pandemic on his thinking, Don says, “I just want to bring some real balance to what’s going on.” 

“I just feel like the world really needs what’s to come next. So I’m really focused on it,” Don concludes. “At the end of the day, when I’m gone, I want people to really use my music as a blueprint for them to figure it out. That’s all I really want. Like, when I’m here, when I’m gone, and everything’s all said and done, that’s all I want.”

Toliver’s new album, L.O.A.D. (Life of a Don), is expected to be released in July. 

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