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Doja Cat Reveals Her Celebrity Crush: His ‘Energy Just Turns Me On’

While being interviewed by Big Boy on Real 92.3’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Doja Cat, revealed her celebrity crush. Saying he “turns her on.”

“I have not met Jim Carrey,” Doja said before revealing that the 59-year-old comedian is her celebrity crush. “He would just always be doing something crazy and I’d be hooked to it.”

She added with a smile, “Something about that energy just turns me on like crazy. Anyway, moving on.”

Doja also spoke about her recently released album, Planet Her, sharing the meaning behind the title. “It’s just supposed to feel grand,” Doja explained. “I also wanted to have an excuse to create a world and what better to do than create a planet and make the title Planet Her for her.”