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Doctor Warns Holidays Will Make “COVID-19 Cases Spike”!


Local doctors are putting out warnings on how to celebrate the holidays during the pandemic.

Coronavirus case in children recently spiked during Halloween.

“I remember there was a time in June when we said everything was getting better, because it was, and then we had the Fourth of July,” said Dr. Tiffany McCalla, an ER physician and owner of CallaGenics.

Doctors feel Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years will be no different.

“You mix households, which is essentially what happens, that’s the worry. It’s not so much having a fantastic, amazing Thanksgiving with the five people that you live with, but it’s having that same, fantastic thanksgiving with five other families,” said McCalla.

McCalla advises thinking out of the box for this year’s festivities.

“Maybe put up Zoom, do a virtual family Thanksgiving and have, you know, the ten families you normally celebrate with,” said McCalla.

If you have to be with family you don’t usually see, Dr. McCalla advises to take precautions.

“I would recommend a rapid test three days before and the day before or day of the actual event,” said McCalla.