DL Hughley on Kanye’s Disrespect of Black People & Hatred of Black Women

In the latest clip, DL Hughley responds to Kanye West’s comments about Harriet Tubman. Responding to Kanye saying Harriet Tubman never actually freed slaves but had them work for other White people, Hughley highlighted the fact that Trump and the Secretary of Defense had just agreed to take Confederate soldiers’ names off of the bases before Kanye made his controversial statement. The comedian reiterated his previous comments that Kanye and Trump share similar personality traits. Hughley also took issue with people giving Kanye a pass due to his mental illness. Hughley called out West for never being so mentally unstable that he makes offensive comments about non-Black people or can’t sign multi-million dollar deals. DL Hughley also touched on Kanye running for president at such a critical time in society and questioned what the rapper will do to address the various issues in the world.