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DJ Khaled promotes new home test for COVID-19

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As the Omicron variant surges across the country, DJ Khaled is promoting a new home test for COVID-19.

The Grammy winner has partnered with the eMed company for a multi-million dollar “Keep America Healthy” campaign aimed at improving COVID-19 testing in the United States.

“Everybody, and I mean everybody has to be tested when they come to my house,” Khaled says in a promo video. “What’s so beautiful about eMed is that you can get tested at home, at your pool, your office, your studio, wherever you’re at. Right there, get tested and get your results in 15 minutes right there on your phone verified. Be smart. Trust, Verify.”

eMed CEO and co-founder Dr. Patrice Harris announced the collaboration with Khaled Wednesday at the CES tech trade show in Las Vegas.

“We believe that when people don’t feel well, they should be able to take an accurate test at home, receive verified and validated results and get rapid access to the right treatment as soon as possible,” Dr. Harris said in a statement “We’re thrilled to be in Las Vegas among like-minded disruptive companies showing how we can use technology to improve the human experience.

“I’m particularly excited about our upcoming campaign, as we know too well that the message is as important as the messenger,” she continued. “We need to cut through the noise and help Americans understand the options they have at hand to stay safe, healthy and productive.”

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