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Dionne Warwick ponders spelling of Saweetie’s stage name

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Dionne Warwick is back at it again on Twitter and this time, she has a question for Saweetie.

The legendary sainger, who previously made headlines for wondering how The Weeknd and Chance the Rapper got their stage names, is now pondering how the “Back to the Streets” rapper got hers. 

“Why is that young lady’s name spelled ‘Saweetie’ and not ‘Sweetie’?” Warwick wrote on Tuesday, adding a follow-up tweet, “This new generation is so creative and fun. ‘Saweetie’ is fun to say!”

The 80-year-old “I Say a Little Prayer” singer was met with a slew of responses, with some asking her to answer the same question given that her full name is Marie Dionne Warrick.

Eventually, though, fans provided the answer she wanted, with one user sharing a screenshot of a quote from an interview Saweetie did with Tidal that explained she got the nickname from her grandmother, but decided to spell it differently.

“Everybody had their nicknames on MySpace so I was like ‘OK, I like Sweetie, but I don’t like the word ‘sweetie,’ so I’m going to spell it this way,” she shared. 

After getting the answer, Warwick thanked her followers for the help by tweeting, “Thank you all for answering my question about @Saweetie. I do like the name. I was just curious about the spelling.”

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