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“Deadline” Approaches For “St. Lucie” Parents To Chose Distance learning!

Time is running out for parents to decide if their child will return to the classroom in St. Lucie County next month. Commitment forms are due Monday.

Currently there are three options from which to choose.

The first option has students returning to school full time, five days a week in the traditional face-to-face classroom setting with increased health and safety measures in place.

Those safety measures include mask mandates for students when on the bus, during transitions and any time social distancing is not possible, frequent cleaning of surfaces, e-misting and disinfecting, including routine deep cleans and hand sanitizer in every classroom and on every bus.

The second option is virtual learning through each child’s assigned school. Important features of this learning environment include students maintaining their enrollment status at their assigned schools, students attending school online during regular school hours and following their daily class schedule, teachers meeting with students each period daily online, and students and teachers following the same curriculum sequence as their peers in school and can easily return to school when comfortable.

This temporary option will be re-evaluated every nine weeks and attendance will be taken each period.

The final option would allow students to attend the Mosaic Digital Academy, which is the school district’s full-time Florida Virtual School franchise.

This choice requires a one-year commitment during this time due to the challenges of transferring between regular brick-and-mortar schools.