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DaBaby announces who he's voting for…and it's not Trump or Biden

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After being singled out as being Kanye West‘s favorite rapper, DaBaby is repaying the compliment when he heads to the polls this November.

Yep, the “BOP” artist is voting for Kanye West and made it explicitly clear on Wednesday.

Hearkening back to the fashion mogul’s infamous faux pas at the 2009 VMA’s where he interrupted Taylor Swift‘s acceptance speech, DaBaby tweeted, “Ima let y’all finish…. But you got me f***** up you think I ain’t voting for Ye.”

Fan reaction was mixed at best, with some pointing out previously unflattering statements West made about the Grammy nominee.  Others made their discontent loud and clear by tweeting various unimpressed reaction gifs, images and videos.

Despite the staunch criticism, DaBaby officially joins the league of West’s other famous supporters such as Chance the Rapper and Elon Musk who expressed that they want to see the “Follow God” rapper in the Oval Office.

That also means DaBaby is also at odds with other celebrities who have fiercely condemned West’s quest for the White House, such as John LegendJamie Foxx and Katy Perry.

West’s still fighting to appear on voting ballots across the nation with his status as appearing as a candidate in New Jersey and his home state Illinois thrown into question after election officials raised concerns about the required amount of valid signatures he submitted as part of a petition to run as an Independent.

By Megan Stone
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