“COVID-19 Testing” Set To Start For PBIA Passengers!

Passengers this week at PBIA are expected to have access to COVID-19 testing before they leave and after they arrive.

“I’m really in favor of opening this up for people going to the airport,” said Palm Beach County Commissioner Robert Weinroth.

The testing site, operated by Helix Virtual, will be near the entrance to Concourse C.

“It’s not a bad idea,” said Gaynell Waymer, who was boarding a flight.

The testing available will include both rapid tests and a three-day test.

Under privacy laws, only the Department of Health can be notified of any positive results, which has the concern of some county Commissioners.

“We’re going to have some outliers who are going to feel notwithstanding the test, that they need to go where they’re going and they’re going to keep that information to themselves,” Weinroth said.

Weinroth said he does not want a repeat of an incident last March when a passenger, aware he had COVID, flew from New York to PBIA.

Still, Weinroth said he believes most passengers will decide not to fly if they test positive.

The testing facility, which will only be available to ticketed passengers, could open before the end of the week, but a Helix representative saisd they are still waiting on electrical work to finish up at the facility.