“COVID-19 Pandemic” May Jeopardize “Lobster” Mini-Season!


One of the landmark events of the summer here in South Florida could be in jeopardy.

In late July each year, numerous divers take to the water for the annual two-day lobster mini-season.

But if Gov. Ron DeSantis decides to cancel it, a lot of divers may have to change their plans.

“From my perspective I don’t see a need to cancel,” said Taylor Malishenko, a recreational diver at the Riviera Beach City Marina.

Malishenko, a recreational diver from Viera with 10 years of experience, came to Riviera Beach to go diving on a charter dive boat to look at sea turtles.

She feels lobster mini-season is safe, even though the state of Florida is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and people are urged to avoid crowds and stay six feet apart.

“Underwater it’s not gonna be a problem. On the dive boats, people are wearing masks, they’re staying separated, you’re outside, there’s a big breeze,” Malishenko said. “So I don’t see that there’s an awful lot of risk there. It’s not, these are not big crowds in a single cluster getting together.”