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“COVID-19 Detecting Dogs” Are Being Tested At Miami International Airport.

The power of a dog’s nose could be the latest COVID-19 detection tool for travelers.

Miami International Airport is two weeks into a pilot program using two COVID-19 detecting canines to screen American Airline employees for the virus at a security checkpoint, according to airport officials in a news release Thursday.

In an airport first, Miami has partnered with the Global Forensic and Justice Center at Florida International University and American Airlines to screen employees. If successful, it may move to busier parts of the airport.

“Dogs could be more sensitive than some of our instruments and detect the virus sooner,” Kenneth Furton, provost at Florida International University and scent-detection scholar.

Cobra, a Belgian Malinois, and One Betta, a Dutch Shepherd, have already made two possible alerts. One employee was unable to be tested and the second employee had a negative PCR test, but had recently gotten over the virus, according to Furton.