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‘Country Yutes’: Usain Bolt says he’s ready to be the next DJ Khaled

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Track-and-field star Usain Bolt has accomplished quite a bit in his 35 years. In addition to winning eight Olympic gold medals and holding world records in 100 meters, the 200 meters and the 4 × 100-meter relay, the Jamaican-born Bolt recently dropped an album, Country Yutes, which landed in the top 10 of Billboard’s reggae album charts.

Bolt, who’s partnered with the SprintRay Foundation to help offer critical dental care to those in Jamaica, says his interest in music has always been very “serious.”

“I’ve loved music all my life,” Bolt tells ABC Audio. “If you followed my career, you know that I was dancing [and] always having a good time…So now that I’ve put in the work, I think people have really seen that the quality of music that I put out with the album Country Yutes is good.”

In fact, Bolt says that the success of his album has even led to “people… reaching out” about potential collaborations. Yet even with the great feedback, the “fastest man in the world” says he already has a specific vision of what he wants to do. 

“I definitely want to be like a DJ Khaled,” Bolt says, also noting that producer Swizz Beatz has served as a “massive” inspiration. “I enjoy seeing [Khaled] work and I follow him and I see the energy that he has — the passion that he works with and puts into his music.”

Although Bolt says he’s already met with Khaled in person, he hopes he can eventually “sit down with him and pick his brain, and [figure out what] it takes to get to the level…That’s something that I look forward to.”

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