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Corporate Boards Now Have More Women And People Of Color

Businesswoman explaining to coworkers in meeting
Businesswoman explaining strategy to male and female coworkers sitting in board meeting at workplace


It seems like more people of color are sitting on corporate boards these days.


According to NBC News a study published from the 7th edition of “Missing Pieces” who is a management consulting firm for diversity, says that the number of women and people of color sitting on the nation’s largest companies’ corporate boards increased by 38% in 2022.


The numbers don’t show if these people really have a say in key decisions on the boards they sit on but any increase, is good.


The report also says that Fortune 500 companies had almost 45% of women and people of color in board seats in 2022, up 38% from 2020!


These numbers show that overall, people of color sitting on corporate boards of directors have went up from almost 18% in 2020 to 22% in 2022.