Congress to Consider Another Covid Stimulus Relief Package Next Week

Pelosi told reporters that the House will vote next week on a budget resolution, the first step in setting up a fast-track process to pass Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus bill without Republican support. “We have to act,” Pelosi said, adding that Democrats would not “surrender” if Republicans decide not to cooperate on proceeding with a stimulus bill. After the House and Senate pass a fiscal 2021 budget resolution, a special reconciliation bill adhering to that budget can subsequently pass the Senate with just 50 Democratic votes, bypassing the need to find 10 Republicans to shut off unlimited Senate debate. The speaker said she remains hopeful that Republicans will be persuaded to support at least more vaccine money, direct payments and state and local aid. “I do think that we have more leverage getting cooperation on the other side if they know we have an alternative, as well,” she said.