Community Clean Up In “Riviera Beach”!

On Friday, the City of Riviera Beach will take time out to focus on another major clean up effort in the community.

This time crews will focus on sprucing up the Monroe Heights neighborhood.

Residents living there can receive help with removing any unwanted large items such as old appliances or furniture by simply moving them outside on the curb for pick up.

“Please make it a point to interact with us, talk with us to share with us where some issues or some challenges may be,” said City Manager Jonathan Evans. “Or if you just want to talk to staff and get to know us on a personal level, we are here to assist.”

Crews will be working to fill potholes, clean up trash and overgrown plants and trees.

During the past two cleans up events the group collected more than 55,000 pounds of waste.

In addition to cleaning, The Code Compliance Office will be making rounds to adress any issues and concerns residents may have.

“We want our folks to see that we are passionate, we are committed to a better day in Riviera Beach and we want them to know that we care about their neighborhoods and communities just as much as we care about our own,” Evans said.

The group will start their clean up efforts at 9 a.m. at Cunningham Park.

The next clean up event is scheduled for March 5 on Singer Island.