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Coming To America2 Hits Today

The streaming of the sequel to the iconic  ‘Coming To America” begins today. When Eddie Murphy made the original “Coming to America,” he was, prolly indisputably, the funniest man in America.

Murphy was at the TOP of his fame, coming off “Beverly Hills Cop II” and the stand-up special “Raw.” They were heady times. Arsenio Hall, Murphy’s longtime friend and co-star in “Coming to America,” remembers them sneaking out during the shoot to a Hollywood nightclub while still dressed as Prince Akeem and his loyal aide Semmi. “We were insane,” says Hall.

The ’80s, Murphy says, are “all a blur.”

“I was so young, all this stuff was happening. You take everything for granted when you’re young, how successful I was,” Murphy says, speaking by Zoom with a shelf of award statuettes behind him. “Now I take nothing for granted and appreciate everything.”

Thirty-three years after “Coming to America,” Murphy and Hall have returned to Zamunda. The sequel, originally planned to hit theaters last year, was sold due to the pandemic by Paramount Pictures to Amazon