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City Girls’ JT chats with Nicki Minaj for newest cover of ‘i-D’

Luis Alberto Rodriguez for ‘i-D’

(Note Language) Nicki Minaj is no stranger to magazine covers, but it’s her first time gracing that of i-D. For her debut cover, she talked to City Girls‘ JT about a plethora of topics related to her rap career.

When discussing her musical influences, Nicki tipped her hat off to Foxy BrownLil WayneJay-Z and Slick Rick. Channeling their rap styles, she’s released many songs over the years, some of which include lyrics intended to boost the confidence of other Black women. 

“There’s always been such a lack of representation for Black women,” she explained, “so as soon as you start becoming famous you owe it to the entire culture to say things that other Black women can repeat to make themselves feel great.”

With over a decade in the music industry, Nicki believes she’s proven her talent and paid her dues, which is why she’s been defending her name and reputation.

“I decided I don’t give a s*** anymore,” she said of her decision to speak up. “The last part of it is that if I never rap again, I will still leave this Earth as an icon. I guess there is a little less fear now at this point in my career because I realize that my fans aren’t going anywhere. I’ve paid my dues.”

As for what Nicki has planned next, she said she’s working on her fifth album and “on a nail design company, where people will be able to buy my press-on nail with dope designs.” She’s also “been speaking to a director about doing something in a movie.”

“I love acting, and I’ll never abandon acting for too long,” she said. “That’s one of my biggest passions.”

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