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Christina Milian finally achieves her dream of owning her own farm

Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for The Hairt-Tique by Phil on Hair

It’s been a long time coming but Christina Milian shared a super exciting announcement with her followers on Thursday.  She is the proud owner of her very own farm.

As it turns out, having a property filled with animals has always been the Be Cool star’s life-long dream.

In a picture of her holding up an adorable black gosling, Milian revealed, “Always wanted to have a farm in the yard.. and well.”

That’s not the only surprise the “Am to Pm” singer shared with fans, she also made it possible for her 6.4 million fans to keep up with her new life on the farm with a brand new Instagram account, @Milian_FamilyFarm_.

Already the account, run by her sister Liz Milian, is filled with snapshots of the family’s new pets, from chickens and goats to bunnies. It was also revealed that some were adopted.

In a photo of the family’s new bunny, Milian shared, “She was pretty messed up with fleas around her eyes and nose which also Gave her some pretty nasty conjunctivitis , but I’ve spent the last few days treating her and now she’s gotten 100x better.”

It also appears that the family is enjoying another aspect of farm life — fresh grown vegetables.  Milian also shared a series of photos touting the impressive array growing in her garden, like fresh cucumbers and fresh off the vine tomatoes.

In addition, the family will never run out of milk thanks to their new goats and, as seen by the pictures, the family’s youngest members can’t stop drinking as seen by their frothy milk mustaches.

That said, count Milian’s family as the latest celebrity additions to try a more sustainable lifestyle by growing their own food and lowering their carbon footprint because, as they assert, “nothing goes to waste.”

By Megan Stone 
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