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Chris Brown Responds to Rape Allegations Amid $20M Lawsuit

Chris Brown Fans Slammed for Defending the Singer Against Rape Allegation According to TMZ, who obtained a lawsuit from a “Jane Doe” who is suing Chris Brown for an alleged rape that went down on Diddy’s yacht at Miami’s Star Island.  The woman claims she was drugged and raped and was told to take a Plan B by the singer the following day. The woman is suing for $20 million in damages after she says the rape caused her emotional distress.  The woman’s lawyers, Ariel Mitchell and George Vrabeck say the woman didn’t immediately come forward because she was a medical student who was embarrassed.  Fans of Breezy quickly hit Twitter to defend Chris wondering why Jane Doe is suing and not pressing charges, others questioned her timing, “Every time this man gets ready to drop an album someone comes with some mess. I wonder why she chooses not to call and have charges brought against him but she has no problem suing him.” What are your thoughts on this case? Do you think Jane Doe is out for a payday since she isn’t pressing charges?