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Chika is planning to write a "Black country song" for Snoop Dogg

Leeor Wild

Rapper Chika is overwhelmed with joy after rap legend Snoop Dogg crashed her Instagram Live and called her his music “daughter.”

In the wee hours late Friday/early Saturday, Snoop gave Chika her flowers and praised the Industry Games rapper and her music. He wanted Chika to hear it straight “from the Dogg’s mouth” himself, adding, “I love your [music]. I play it. I enjoy it. I wanted to tell you that.”

Chika replied, “That touches my heart … as someone who enjoys your music, I think that hearing it like this means so much.” She returned the favor and gave Snoop his flowers for “what you’ve done for the culture.”

She continued, “[Artists] like me probably wouldn’t exist if you didn’t. So, I take that; I receive it, I internalize it, but also — you already know you’re a legend, an actual goddamn pillar in our community.”

The two also discussed collaborating on a new track that would take both of them into a new genre of music.

“I’m writing you a country song,” Chika promised. “It’s going to be a Black country song.” She said she’s up for the challenge to offer fans “a completely different vibe,” adding, “This is gonna be some hip-hop country [music].”

Hours before the live, Chika delivered her groovy new single, “U Should,” ahead of her upcoming role in the superhero thriller Project PowerThe film premieres this Friday, August 14th, also starring Jamie FoxxDominique Fishback and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

By Rachel George
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