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Chaka Khan has no interest in collaborating with Ariana Grande

Erika Goldring/Getty Images

There are plenty of artists who would love to collaborate with Ariana Grande but Chaka Khan is not one of them.

During an interview with Vlad TV, the 67-year-old legend was asked what artist she would want to work and when Grande’s name was thrown out, Khan responded with, “F*** her,” adding that the “thank you, next” singer was “alright.”

“She’s good on her own,” Khan continued. “She don’t need me. Plus, I don’t wanna sing with another woman. We ain’t gonna talk about no man. We not gon’ do none of that stuff. It’s not happening.”

The kicker here, though, is that Khan has already collaborated with Grande on the soundtrack for 2019’s installment of Charlie’s Angels. The duo teamed up for a track titled “Nobody” which Khan teased while speaking with Variety at the time. 

“It’s a cute song. It’s a song, you know, about Charlie’s Angels,” she said. “it’s not gonna change the world, OK? It’s a good song in a movie.”

By Danielle Long
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