Celebrating “Women’s History Month” With Some Local “First Responders”!

Battalion Chief Amanda Vomero has spent more than 20 years with Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, balancing a home life with three kids and a job.

“I started out as an EMT/firefighter, became a paramedic, Lieutenant, then I became an EMS Captain,” she said.

Last year she was promoted to Battalion Chief.

“Probably about four or five years old my father said you can be anything you want to be, so I always had that in the back of my mind,” she said.

Almost 100 women are firefighters with Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.

“I think we have come a long way. I just read a post yesterday from one of our retired division chiefs, Chief Vicki Shepherd, and she was the first female back in 1980. So today to be standing here in 2021 and looking back at my career, I’m very excited to go to the next step,” said EMS Captain Karen Ferguson.

Sara Pults is also an EMS Captain.

“I say go for it. I have the privilege of seeing it through my kids’ eyes as well, they see the determination and you can do whatever you put your mind and time into it,” said Pults.

Pamela Summers is the only female fire and arson investigator for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.

“Once we get there we determine if the fire is accidental or incendiary and we work it to the best of our ability,” Summers said. “If you enjoy what you are doing, your career is going to fly. Thirty one years and today I can still tell you that I love what I do.”

“Hard work pays off and determination and although there may be obstacles doesn’t mean they can’t be overcome,” said Vomero.