Celebrating “Black History Month” Elementary Students Lean On Lessons From MLK Jr!

Two young brothers are celebrating Black History Month by following the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Derron and Tristan Blake both attend Northboro Elementary School in West Palm Beach.

They’re dedicated to their studies in the classroom, however their dedication to leadership and making a difference lasts long after the school day is over.

At home, the two motivate each other by strengthening their public speaking skills.

This month, the Blake brothers are leaning on lessons learned from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to shape their future.

“Dr. King has been a very important part of my life,” said Derron Blake, a fourth grade student at Northboro Elementary.

“Without him I would not have made it this far. We need a little bit of him today,” he said.

The Blakes have been able to foster their public speaking skills through community student programs, specifically the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Coordinating Committee.

The organization hosts year-round events to honor Dr. King and other African American leaders.

For the last 40 years the organization has hosted an Annual Scholarship Breakfast for students who enter the speech, essay and art competitions.

Several student leaders have stemmed from the annual program, capturing the attention of the crowds of people who attend the event.

Derron Blake has encouraged other classmates to participate in the past.

Inspiring others to reach their full potential is a mission he plans to continue throughout his life.

“My dream in life is to help others and become a leader that can help others.”