Bengals vs DolphinsMiami is at home I looked for them to get the W.

The Cincinnati Bengals travel to South Florida to take on the Miami Dolphins. This is a good arrival between the AFC North and the AFC East.   The Cincinnati Bengals (1-13) travel to South Florida to take on the Miami Dolphins (3-11). This is a good rival between the AFC North and the AFC East. […]

The Plight and Protest of Stonybrook Residents

If you ever had a chance to visit someone who lives in the StonyBrook apartment complex will quickly discover the living conditions are deplorable. According to a news release from the PBC Tenants Union, the tenants barricaded themselves to block an “illegal retaliatory 24-hour eviction.” ~mb   more

Dolphins v Giants

The Miami Dolphins (3-10) vs The NY Giants (2-11). I like the Dolphins in this classic AFCEast vs NFCEast matchup… this one will come down to the wire.~mb

Tamia Remakes A Stevie Wonder Holiday Hit

Soultracks.com reports Some songs pass the test of time and of many genres to become considered as a standard.  And the term “standard certainly applies to the pensive Stevie Wonder Motown classic, “Someday at Christmas,” penned by Ron Miller and Bryan Wells. The song has found its way through the years via artists ranging from several […]

Boynton Beach High Alumn Is The Talk of The NFL

The Baltimore Ravens under the leadership of Quarterback Lamar Jackson has clinched their division title for the AFC North. Sporting a record of 12-2 the Ravens led by Jackson are a playoff favored to win the Super Bowl. The country is just now getting a chance to see the talented Jackson, for the first time […]

Damaged Toys Discovered By Police Dept.

Delray Beach police say for several months they’ve been collecting hundreds of toys to give to kids this holiday season. But on Thursday, police discovered the shipping container the toys were stored in had several leaks. Most of the toys are now covered in mold and can’t be used. If you like to help with […]

Naomi Harris Stars in Another Hit

Naomie Harris has quite a resume of roles in Box Office hit movies and television. By NO means is she a rookie.  Harris is a veteran and part of a trend where more and more Black British actors/actresses are picked roles in for American productions..here’s a look at her new project “Black and Blue”.~mb   more

Dolphins vs Jets

The Dolphins should get the “W” in this classic AFCEast matchup.