Harriett: Promises To Be THE Blockbuster Movie of The Fall

This coming November, the bio pic that features the life and time of Harriet Tubman, the slave and conductor of the Underground Railroad will be a feature film. It promises to deliver one of the best biopic in recent film history~mb

Wheel of Musical Impressions : Jimmy Fallon and Jaime Fox

On the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, periodically he does a skit where he and and invited guest will sing unusual songs while doing an impression of an actor, singer, or recording artist. It’s HILARIOUS. It’s GENIUS…have a look~mb

‘Crawl” The “Freight” Movie of the Summer

From The Director of “The Hills Have Eyes” the projected summer box office horror hit is “Crawl”. It opened nationwide on July 12th. If you live in South Florida or ‘hurricane alley” you’ll find this movie somewhat a stretch, yet believable…have a look~mb

Incarcerated Women Share Horror Tales From The Dark Side

Pamela Winn commited a white collar crime and was sentenced to 78 months to a Federal Prison in Georgia. One night she was awaken by painful cramps, as she tried to drink water – believing it was because she was dehydrated. The cramping got worse. Before it was all over, she felt “a gush,” but […]

USA Network To Premiere A New Series “Suits” But We’ve Seen This Before

Inevitably the comparisons would happen between the new TV series “Suits” on the USA Network and the established hit TV series “Scandal” from ABC. Many are already asking the question, “Who Would Win, Jessica Pearson of “Suits” vs Olivia Pope of “Scandal”…you be the judge..here’s a look~mb

“Bad Mama Jama” Singer Hospitalized

Soultracks.com reports “Carl Carlton, the talented Detroit-born singer who topped the charts with two VERY differently styled hits, is ailing in a Detroit hospital after reportedly suffering a stroke. The stroke caused the 66 year old Carlton to miss a planned concert in Detroit last night. Fortunately, he is reportedly alert and speaking.”

Tisha Campbell-Martin’s Story of Foregivness

Tisha Campbell-Martin recently sat down with our morning man Steve Harvey and talked about why she had to forgive what happened in her past in order to allow to live in her future…here’s a look~mb