Sommore Shines Bright at Palm Beach Improv

She is gonna leave you wanting for “some more”…. A unique performance filled with social commentary based on observations, relationships and experiences. Sommore’s performances are completely “outside the box”. Her Chadelier Status is shining brighter than ever from center stage, to the big screen, to behind the scenes writing and producing. With her fresh approach […]

Consider This Advice BEFORE Moving In Together

Society has changed more in the last 20 years than the previous 40 years combined, especially when it comes to marriage and relationships. It was 40 years ago and most marriages lasted for at least a decade or two. Here’s a look at what you should do or consider when you decide when you want […]

Eddie Murphy Returns to StandUp Comedy

Recently Eddie Murphy stopped passed the Jimmy Kimmel Show on ABC. He had a chance to talk about what he’s been doing and why he’s going to return to stand up after an absence of several years~mb

Alpha Phi Alpha and Florida’s Amendment 4

Recently in West Palm Beach, The Florida Federation of Alpha Chapters held their regional conference. There was “hot button” topic forum that addressed Florida’s Amendment 4.  (voting rights restoration for convicted felons) There are 1.68 million Florida residents who have felony convictions, 10 percent of the state’s adult population, and 1 in 5 African-Americans. Across the country, over […]

How Duane Martin Is Hated By LisaRaye

Michael Misick and Hollywood actress LisaRaye McCoy by all accounts, had the dream marriage until she introduced her husband to Duane Martin, then all HELL broke loose….check out this drama ! ~mb

Possible REBOOT for The Hit TV Show: Living Single

There are throwbacks and then there are re-boots…. They have all aged very gracefully especially my favorite character Regine played by Fields. This classic starring Kim Coles, Queen Latifah,  Kim Fields, Erika Alexander with John Henton  and Terrence C. Carson promises to be a hit the second time around.. here’s why~mb

There’s Nothing Like A Howard University Homecoming

There are HBCUs across the country and then there is Howard University. Since it’s inception, Howard has been nonsectarian and accessible to people of all sexes and races. A list of DISTINGUISHED alumni including Former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, Donny Hathaway,Roberta Flack Medical Icons Dr. Erman Edgecombe, Sr  and Dr. Lasalle Leffall, Jr. , […]

Dolphins Shuffle Off to Buffalo

Week 7 in the NFL… this classic AFCEast match up has Miami Dolphins (0-5)  vs Buffalo Bills (4-1) in mid October…. a tough one for Miami. ~mb

Cast of OITNB Talk About The Show’s Success

The Netflix TV hits sensation “Orange Is the  New Black” is a ratings smash. Recently on The Today Show, the cast of OITNB shared their thoughts about the show’s success.~mb