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Inside Tyler Perry’s 300-Acre Studio Compound in Atlanta

Today we take you to Atlanta, Georgia to tour the sprawling Tyler Perry Studios. Home to productions like Marvel’s “Black Panther” and AMC Networks’ “The Walking Dead,” the self-made entertainment legend’s production compound is larger than Warner Bros. and Walt Disney’s Burbank studios combined. 12 newly-dedicated sound stages are joined by an entire backlot neighborhood […]

A Couple was found buried on a Texas beach. Police Caught someone else driving their car.

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Authorities searching for 13-year-old accused in double murder

The criminals are getting younger by the day! This is probably the first time authorities released a picture of a minor. The young 13 year old was wearing leg restraints and barefoot, he escaped from custody while returning from juvenile court in North Carolina, officials said.

I Vlogged My Colonoscopy – Will Smith

After celebrating his 50th birthday for a full year, Will gets serious about his health and heads in for a colonoscopy. This is a procedure every man should do! Consult with your doctor and find out when is the best time for you to get one done!