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“Game of Thrones” Fans Planning to Call Out Sick

The series finale of Game of Thrones could make your commute to work a little easier Monday morning. According to a survey done by Kronos, 27 million people plan to watch the “Game of Thrones” series finale and skip work, be late for work, or work from home the following day. Six percent of people […]

DJ Khaled Donating Song Proceeds to Nipsey’s Kids

DJ Khaled has announced that he will donate “100 percent” of the proceeds from his new single “Higher” to the children of Nipsey Hussle. Khaled has been given the blessing of the family to share Nipsey’s “energy and positivity” he brought to the set for the video of the song that also features John Legend. […]

Wu-Tang Clan Announces EP

Wu-Tang Clan fans not only are you getting a Showtime documentary about the group you’re now getting an EP! The Wu will be releasing an EP to support their documentary “Of Mics and Men” this Friday. This will be the first music from the Staten Island collective since that album Martin Shkreli bought back in […]

R. Kelly Forks Over More Dough to Cover Next 2 Months of Child Support

R. Kelly made a little progress with his legal battles, Kelly avoided another trip to jail by sending two months of child support to his ex-wife, Drea Kelly. The singer appeared in a Chicago court on Tuesday with $41,666 to cover June and July payments. There is still $32,000 worth of interest to be paid […]

Tyrese Teams Up with Paul Walker’s Brother for FuelFest in UK

Fast and Furious 9 is currently in production in London and while on location Tyrese has teamed up with Paul Walker’s brother for his FuelFest car show. The event will feature exotic, custom and rare cars from all over the world along with music, art and celebrity guests. FuelFest began in Southern California back in March […]

R Kelly’s Daughter Forced to Drop Out of School

According to reports, R. Kelly’s daughter Buku Abi has been forced to drop out of college because her dad didn’t pay her tuition. Abi claims that this was the first step that Kelly made in cutting her off financially, and it’s rumored that he stopped paying for textbooks and her apartment rent too. Kelly’s crisis […]

Tiger Woods Sued After Restaurant Employee Dies in Alleged Drunk Driving Crash

The family of a bartender employed at Tiger Woods’ restaurant in Florida alleges that Woods and his girlfriend knew that the bartender was a “habitual drinker” but over served him alcohol after a 3 am shift, leading him to drive his car while drunk.  The bartender crashed his car and later died at the hospital.  […]

Dennis Rodman Involved In Alleged Yoga Studio Robbery

Dennis Rodman and several accomplices were caught on video attempting an elaborate robbery scheme. It happened in Newport Beach, California on Tuesday. Rodman, 2 women, and 1 man came into VIBES Hot Yoga. Rodman distracted employees while one of the women put clothes in her purse. The other guy in the group put a $2,500 […]

Airline Ticket Prices Are At “A Historic Low”

If you’ve been on the fence about jetting off for a vacation, don’t let worries about money factor into your decision. According to a travel expert, it’s a good time to be a passenger. “We’re actually seeing ticket prices this summer at a historic low,” reveals Liana Corwin from Hopper Consumer Travel, who notes flight costs in […]

Rolled Chicken Nugget Ice Cream Is Apparently A Thing

Yes, salty and sweet foods make a delicious combo, but perhaps some things were never meant to go together. Like ice cream and chicken nuggets. Although one company is trying to make it a thing. Ireland’s XXI Ice released a video on Facebook showing how their unusual dessert is made. Three chicken nuggets are spread out on […]