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Area 51 Raid Has Reached Over 1.5 Million

What started off as an Area 51 joke on Facebook has snowballed into a movement with over 1.5 million people planning to take part in “Storm Area 51” if you’ve been under a rock, “Storm Area 51” is a movement that started on Facebook with a few people planning to meet up at Area 51 […]

Tricks To Cut Down Your Summer Utility Bills

Tired of turning over your paycheck to the electric and water companies just to cool off in the summer? Here’s some advice from financial experts to keep those utility bills at bay. Tiffany Aliche, who goes by the name The Budgetnista, recommends you shave a few minutes off your showers, which will lower consumption costs. She […]

Madonna Faces Backlash Following Watermelon Pictures of Children

Madonna Faces Backlash Following Watermelon Pictures of Children Always controversial, Madonna is receiving backlash for posting pictures on Instagram of her black children standing behind a slice of watermelon. Some people felt like the pictures were innocent and part of the ongoing “watermelon challenge” where girls have been posting pictures of them in a dress […]

Mary J Blige and Nas Concert 7.11.2019

The Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige, along with NAS co-headlined the opening night of their Royalty Tour at Live Nation’s Coral Sky Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, Fla. Mary J  Blige and NAS rewarded those who came out to support them on a steamy South Florida night where the heat combined with high […]

Google Admits To Listening To Some Smart Speaker Recordings

Paranoia about whether smart speakers are recording your conversations might rise after this revelation. A report shows how some contractors who transcribed audio from Google A.I. Assistant might be able to listen to all of your sensitive information while you are talking. Some of these interactions were recorded by accident. Earlier this year, Amazon’s Alexa […]

Celebrate “7–11 Day” With a Free Slurpee

Hey, Slurpee fans! Today is the day 7-Eleven celebrates their birthday by giving you a free Slurpee! The tradition of giving out free Slurpee’s started when the chain celebrated their 75th birthday in 2002 and now, on their 92nd birthday, the tradition continues. Free Slurpees are available today from 11 a.m. till 7 p.m. and […]

Madonna’s Love Letter From Tupac Is Up for Auction

Madonna’s love letter from Tupac while he was in prison has been in auction purgatory for years, until now. Despite all the conflict and legalese, the letter is heading to the auction block and to get it you’re going to have to shell out the dough. The company Gotta Have Rock and Roll will be handling the […]