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Cardi B speaks of her unshakeable confidence in makeup-free video

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Cardi B doesn’t care if you see her with or without makeup because she thinks she’s beautiful either way.

The “Up” rapper woke up on Tuesday and, 20 minutes later, recorded herself delivering a fiery speech about how her confidence cannot be shaken because it is not based on the way she looks. 

“No filter, hair not brushed, lip chap all that,” she touted before calling out those who have been mocking her natural look. “I never been afraid to show my real self.”

Cardi, 28, also pointed out all the blemishes on her face as she recorded her speech and quipped, “I feel good.”

The Grammy winner furthered that women are allowed to feel confident and love themselves no matter what they have on their face or if their hair is brushed.  What she doesn’t stand for, however, is those who feel threatened by others’ happiness.  

“I feel comfortable in my skin, that I’m great.  I am happy,” Cardi maintained before calling out those who take pleasure in attacking other people’s confidence.

“Every time a b**** is feeling good, like you doing to the other young ladies, when y’all see them looking so good, y’all try and put their confidence down.  That don’t work on me anymore,” the Hustlers star declared before adding that their jealousy is not her problem. 

“Just because you have so much hatred in your heart, that when I do great, you want to put it down,” she pointed out, before calling her haters “washed.”

Cardi’s message resonated with her famous friends, earning supportive remarks from people like Tisha CampbellChloe Bailey of Chloe x Halle and her sister, Hennessy Carolina.

By Megan Stone
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