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“Cardi B” Sends Heartfelt Message To Young Fan Diagnosed With Brain Cancer.

Cardi B shared the four-time brain surgery survivor’s story and spoke about how she was touched by Lyric’s strength and defiant joy, which she’s shared with the world since she was diagnosed with brain cancer two years ago.

“I’ve been flying and Im checking some DMs a couple people have already sent me this DM about this girl, a very strong girl named lyric,” the “WAP” rapper said via her Instagram Story. “She’s from Houston and she has cancer and she had about four times brain surgery.”

Cardi went on to share how she became “a little bit emotional” after learning about Lyric’s health journey, but added that she also felt inspired after seeing Lyric’s Instagram posts, which show her smiling and dancing.

“I have a big smile on my face to see how funny you are, how pretty you are, how you put your outfits together, how you do your nails while you’re fighting [cancer],” she shared. “I be thinking I be havin’ it tough and other people probably think that they having it tough. […] It definitely motivates me to whatever Im going through and I hope that people look at your page and get motivated.”

Cardi then gave a shout-out to Lyrics parents, saying, “It is so heartbreaking watching the last video on your page and as a mother I wouldn’t know what to do. I commend you so much. It is so tough being a parent and I can only imagine.”

The “Press” rapper concluded her message by expressing her love for Lyric and her family. “I’m totally in love with you guys and I’m gonna pray for your daughter and pray for your family,” she said. “I love you guys I love Lyric and hold on the world loves you.”