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Cardi B quits Twitter because of harassment from fans

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Diamond Ball

Cardi B is no longer on Twitter and she wants you to know exactly what drove her off the popular social media site: her fans.

The “WAP” singer claimed her followers were harassing her after she reconciled with Offset, whom she filed to divorce last month.

In an Instagram Live video posted Saturday, captured via Billboard, Cardi dove into her fans’ behavior and why she will not tolerate it.

“A whole bunch of 15-year-olds telling me how to live my life like I’m motherf****** Ariana Grande,” the 28-year-old rapper crticized. “Like I came from Disney or something.”

She says because her fans won’t stop policing her, she is “so tired that” she has to “continuously explain myself.”  

Cardi explained that her followers don’t have the right to demand every minuscule detail about her life and that most of the sensitive information about her has been leaked by other people.

“I didn’t put my divorce out there, a [stupid] court clerk put it out there,” she fumed, adding that “because people are making rumors up, ‘Oh, this guy has a girl pregnant,’ this and that, I have to address it.”

Cardi also told fans to stop attacking Offset, adding that’s not doing them any favors.

Overall, the Grammy Award winner reminded her followers of her background when speaking about the hate she received for smoking a cigarette during her birthday celebration, adding “when I was a stripper I used to smoke cigarettes every day. I been smoking cigarettes since I was 15.”

Cardi later claimed she doesn’t smoke anymore and only lit up for her birthday.

“To be honest with you, my marriage is one of the least worries that I have right now,” warned Cardi, telling fans to stop acting like she’s their property.

By Megan Stone
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