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Cardi B is ready to officiate Kal Penn’s wedding: “I’m down I’ll get my suit”

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

While some people choose to have an Elvis Presley impersonator to officiate their wedding, others — like Kal Penn — let their dreams tell them who should have the honor.  And, apparently, he had a vision that Cardi B would marry him and Josh, his partner of 11 years.

The Designated Survivor actor took to Twitter to share his wild dream, saying Cardi was on his flight and that, when he fell asleep, he “had a dream that she officiated our wedding on the plane and the three of us walked out of LAX holding hands.”

The “WAP” rapper pounced on Penn’s tweet, telling him he should have said hello and then nonchalantly slid in, “I’m licensed to do that sooo……..let me know.”

“You’re the best. Was gonna say hi but didn’t want to be disrespectful,” Kal, 44, gushed in response, adding that he saw her do not disturb light was on before jumping to the matter at hand, “Let’s do it! We’re down if you’re down!”

Cardi confirmed that she was indeed “down” to officiate their nuptials and remarked, “I’ll get my suit.”

Penn broke the news about his relationship and his upcoming wedding in his new book, You Can’t Be Serious, which he published on Tuesday.

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