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Cardi B explains why she complains about rising grocery prices


(NOTE LANGUAGE) Cardi B is doubling down on her frustration with rising prices and inflation. In a tweet shared Wednesday night, she explained why she’s bothered by the increasing cost of groceries with her celebrity status and financial standing.

“When I be complaining about food prices, and y’all muthaf***as be like, ‘Ain’t you rich? Why you complaining about lettuce? Why you complaining about this?’ That goes to show people, when you become successful, when you have money, you’re gonna go broke soon,” she said. “Because y’all not budgeting. I get a summary of the money that’s being spent in my home every week. So, when I’m starting to see that groceries is tripling up, it’s like, ‘aye, what the f*** is going on?'”

Cardi then shared the reason she chooses to vent her frustrations on a public platform.

“I wanna see for myself what the f*** shi** is being spent on,” she said. “I went to the supermarket, I’m seeing that everything has tripled up. Lettuce was like $2 a few months ago, now it’s like f**king [$]7. Of course, I’ma say something. Dafuq. ’Cause if I think that sh** is crazy, I can hardly imagine what middle class people and people in the hood is thinking. So, yes, I’m going to say something. And I do have a big platform. So, I want anybody that’s responsible for these prices to put that sh** the f*** down.”

Cardi B’s tweet comes after she faced backlash for complaining about soaring grocery prices. “Naaaaaa grocery shopping prices are ridiculous right now You might as well eat outside!!” she tweeted.

“B**** why lettuce cost 6 dollars where I live at?” she wrote in another tweet.

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