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Candlelight Service Held Honoring “Martin Luther King Jr.”!

Ahead of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, a West Palm Beach group honored Dr. King with a candlelight service.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Coordinating Committee of Palm Beach County is celebrating 40 years and prides itself on helping build future leaders.

“They’ve just done a lot when it comes to students in education,” said I. Renai Collins, Committee Member and poet. “They’ve really just poured their heart and soul into the community.”

During Saturday’s candlelight service there were songs and reflections centered around equality and destiny.

“Dr. King said to judge not a person by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” said Edith C. Bush, Executive Director, Martin Luther King Coordinating Committee.

Because of the pandemic, Bush said the committee is having to hold its annual Dr. King breakfast virtually.

“We continue this because with the national happenings now, we feel that this is more important than ever, that we need to really empower by unifying,” said Bush.

She said the committee is focused on the future.

“There’s a greater sense of hope,” said Collins. “There should be a greater sense of peace in our nation hopefully, that we’re striving to. I’m just looking forward to all of us getting to that place where we can speak truth to power, and where we can truly make a change.”