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Buddy says his music "coexists" with "different energies of life"

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Last month, Compton rapper and singer Buddy dropped his sexy single “Faces” with Lucky Daye and a music video for his protest anthem “Black 2” — a sequel to his 2018 A$AP Ferg collaboration.

As an artist, Buddy says he tries not to pin himself down to any one genre, which allows him to speak on various subjects.

“I am not even trying to make it seem like I am one type of artist, or I make one type of music,” he tells  Document Journal. “Every song that I have that hasn’t been released, I am about to just start releasing them. So however the people accept it is on them.”

He’s also not interested in “trying to transition from being a prolific ‘woke’ artist to some like sex deviant.”

“I do both. I’m human,” he admits. “I [will be] having sex sometimes, and I can then look on my phone to see there is a protest happening. [I] coexist with all of these different energies of life; I am not ever trying to pretend that I just live one way.”

Those different energies can be heard on Buddy’s 2018 debut Harlan & Alondra, named after cross-streets of his childhood home in Compton and his April release, Janktape Vol. 1 joint mixtape with Kent Jamz. But wait, there’s more.

“We definitely have more music, but we aren’t going to drop anything anytime soon,” he said. “I am about to put my album out. Kent has a solo album of his own. Then we are just going to take it from there, one project at a time.”

By Rachel George
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