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Bryson Tiller shares "Rambo" remix featuring The Weeknd from 'Trapsoul' deluxe

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To celebrate the fifth anniversary of his critically acclaimed debut album, Bryson Tiller drops the deluxe version of Trapsoul.

This new version adds three fan favorite tracks that were previously released on Soundcloud, including “Just Another Interlude,” “Self Righteous,” “Outro (Thank You),” as well as The Weeknd-assisted remix to “Rambo: (Last Blood).” 

Tiller also dropped a reflective music video for the album’s standout track, “Right My Wrongs,” which he says features his “favorite verse” on the album.  

The video includes concert footage in between scenes of Tiller sitting at the piano in the studio, contemplating his relationship woes.

“I was going through some things with my girlfriend at the time and she sent me a message,” he admitted to Billboard. “I remember I didn’t respond and I just went to the studio and wrote that song. It was really challenging to record, but that’s probably one of my favorites.”

Bryson is currently gearing up to release his third studio album this fall, led by his most recent releases, “Inhale” and “Always Forever.”

By Rachel George
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