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Bryce Gowdy Gives Powerful Testimony (Suicide)

Georgia Tech Recruit Bryce Gowdy mom gives powerful testimony

Message from the family –  Don


We will create a fund and present it to the family thanks Very sad pay attention to the people around you seek help if u can’t tell someone. Yesterday Georgia Tech recruit Deerfield Beach star wide receiver Bryce Gowdy was reported dead. He was leaving in a few days to play football for University of Georgia Tech. His mom clears the air goes live and explained what was going on with them as a family and with Bryce very sad situation. Young football star Bryce Gowdy part of Deerfield Beach football team has died and it’s been reported that he was hit by brightline train. Bryce mom in the video appears to be struggling with many things. one was homelessness up until that night she said she was trying to find somewhere to stay and ended up at a hotel. Bryce mom seems to struggle with her own issues let alone being able to provide Bryce with the emotional stability that he need it right then. Bryce Gowdy mother admits he woke up that morning asking some abnormal questions. she described he was acting strange, talkin to mile a minute and he kept asking questions about life and religion. then he want stated that he’s starting to understand life How to sum of the people closer to the situation and they we’re surely aware of the family struggles because they had helped in the past on numerous occasions. Deerfield Beach community is a strong community , and I have no doubt that they came to the aid of this young mother. Bryce was a consensus four-star headed to Georgia tech University as early as the same week. this is a tragic story and reminder that sometimes just a simple hey how you doing you save a life. best moments of his life was described like this by his mom she said that she asked him to go downstairs and get a blanket because she was cold. she said Bryce continue to ask what’s his brothers and sisters going to be alright. she also added that she was battling with life and that her. had just came on and she wasn’t mostly strong enough to deal with Bryce at the time. she said Bryce went downstairs to get the blanket and never came back she went downstairs to check the blanket was gone his phone was still in the house his shoes were still in the house but there was no sign of Bryce. After numerous request if you want to Help CASH APP – $Footballville PayPal – We will match whatever is donated, thanks. Bryce Gowdy GoFundMe if you rather or trust to give that way…

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