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'Bruh' star Mahdi Cocci explains why he likes being the "conscious" bruh in the group

Photo credit: Erik Umphery

Mahdi Cocci is taking pride in his role as Tom, a compassionate doctor and supportive friend, in the new Tyler Perry BET+ series, Bruh.

Cocci tell ABC Audio that compared to the other “bruhs” on the series, he believes Tom is the most down-to-earth one.

“I like to think that I am the most conscious of the bruhs,” Cocci tells ABC Audio. “I absolutely identify with that. I don’t really think there can be such a thing as too understanding.”

The series — which also stars  Barry Brewer as Jonathan, Phillip Mullings Jr as Mike and Monti Washington as Bill — follows four longtime friends working to navigate life and relationships through the strength of their brother-like bond.

Cocci says he’s thankful to Perry for showing the various sides of men, including a more vulnerable side through his character.

“I think maybe sometimes we can hide maybe our feelings and we’re not expressive enough,” he says. “And that would be a different thing. But understanding and empathy, I think, are always the key to communication.”

“So I’m happy to be to be playing this part,” he adds.

Tyler Perry’s Bruh is now available on BET+.

By Candice Williams
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