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BRS Kash shares his top five rappers, and reveals who inspired him to go into music

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During an interview for HotNewHipHop’s Rise & Grind series, BRS Kash named his top five rappers, dead or alive, including the dog-named rapper who inspired him to do music.

“I ain’t gone lie, Bow Wow made me first start rapping. Growing up, I wanted the braids, the jersey, all that,” Kash tells HotNewHipHop. “But I’ma have to go with Lil Wayne definitely, Tupac, Biggie, Drake — and I gotta throw my boy Future in there. “

BRS Kash — the initials stand for BankRoll — has kept social media buzzing with his single, “Throat Baby (Go Baby).” The song came out last July, though Kash said he initially had concerns about releasing it.

“I know you got folks that like songs like that. Then you got other folks that are like, ‘Oh, why he doing that song?’ I was worried about when those people would start attacking me,” the Atlanta rapper said. “I was nervous when the song started picking up, I’m happy it did, but I was still like, ‘Whoa.'”

“When I first went to a show and I seen the whole crowd sing the song, my face lit up,” Kash says of “Throat Baby,” his first Billboard Hot 100 entry. “I turned around and my mans was just like, ‘Look!’ I just started cheesing, like, this is cool. This pretty cool.”

BRS Kash said he reached out to DaBaby and the City Girls for the “Throat Baby (Go Baby)” remix after he saw them playing the sexually-explicit song on Instagram.

“Throat Baby (Go Baby)” was certified platinum by the RIAA last month. 

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