Brittney Griner Found Guilty

Hours after Brittney Griner was sentenced by a Russian judge to 9 years in prison … Trevor Noah went IN on the foreign country — dragging Vladimir Putin, while calling Thursday’s ruling complete “bulls***.”

Noah held nothing back on “The Daily Show,” accusing Russia of using Griner and her drug trial as political pawns to gain leverage on the U.S.

“We all know Russia doesn’t care about what Brittney Griner did,” Noah said. “This is the same country that’s breaking every human rights law on the planet, but they’re like, ‘That woman has vape cartridge. She’s real criminal.'”

“Get the f*** out of here, man!”

Noah went on to repeatedly call Thursday’s ruling “bulls***.”

The comedian, though, did say there is a sliver of positive news to come out of Griner’s sentence — the U.S. and Russia can now seemingly begin prisoner swap talks earnestly.

And, Noah’s clearly all in favor of giving the country whatever it wants to get the WNBA star back.