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British Caribbean Colonies Plan To Ask For Reparations

The Prince Of Wales Visits Barbados To Mark Its Transition To Republic
BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS – NOVEMBER 30: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales attends a reception at State House, following a ceremony to mark the country’s transition to a republic on November 30, 2021 in Bridgetown, Barbados. The Prince of Wales arrived in the country ahead of its transition to a republic within the Commonwealth. This week, it formally removes Queen Elizabeth as its head of state and the current governor-general, Dame Sandra Mason, will be sworn in as president. (Photo by Jonathan Brady – Pool / Getty Images)


In the past, King Charles has expressed “personal sorrow” for the suffering caused by the Atlantic Slave Trade but has not formally apologized.


Back in April, the King co-operated with a study examining the relationship between the British monarchy and the historic enslavement of Africans in its colonies.


Reportedly, a British newspaper found a “previously unseen document that shows an infamous slave trader transferring slaves to King William III back in 1689.”


Now, British Caribbean colonies plan to send letters demanding an apology and reparations for slavery to the British royal family and other institutions involved in the trans-Atlantic slave trade.



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