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Brianna Perry details the creative process for her new album, ‘Boss B**** Boulevard’


Miami rapper Brianna Perry drops her new album, Boss B**** Boulevard, later this month.

She tells ABC Audio the creative process for this album was much different than for her 2018 album, Fortune Cookie.

“Creating Boss B**** Boulevard was completely different from me creating Fortune Cookie. It literally felt like a party,” Perry explains. “I ain’t have to worry about no pressure, I ain’t have to worry about no deadlines. It was just me going to the studio every day, having fun, taking breaks, going chilling out by the pool.” 

The “Fied Up” rapper recalls “wanting to be at a party or just wanting to be in a place I wasn’t because it’s crazy it’s COVID.”

Due to the pandemic initially shutting down businesses, venues, and retail shops, Perry says she eventually found solace in what can be the most productive space for any artist. 

“The only place I could go in quarantine was the studio, so I just made that my everything place. That was my club. That was my restaurant. That was everything that I did for fun,” Perry continues. “I just tried to paint a picture in my mind and put it to my pad, and that’s how I came up with Boss B**** Boulevard.”

Boss B**** Boulevard arrives May 28th. 

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