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Brian Mcknight says his new album, 'Exodus,' is "the final stamp, the exclamation point of everything"

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Brian Mcknight has released what he says will be his final album, Exodus, a testament to the three decades he’s spent getting fans to swoon over his love ballads and classic hits.

Brian tells ABC Audio a lot went into deciding to release his final album, as he looks forward to this next chapter in his life with his wife Leilani, whom he married in 2018.

“I am not saying no one’s ever going to see me again. I’m not saying I’m going to stop doing shows necessarily,” Brian tells ABC Audio. “I’d like to see the world with my wife in a way that we can see it, not because I’m working or because we have to be there for some [other] reason. So there’s a lot of that goes into this decision, just seeing what the next chapter is going to be.”

Exodus captures Brian’s journey from his previous album, 2017’s Genesis, to the present.

“When I made Genesis, I was thinking, ‘let me go back and really revisit every aspect of the music I’ve created from the very beginning,'” Brian says. “I wanted to sort of incorporate all of those things into one album, and Exodus seemed to be the natural progression from my thinking on that record to this one.”

Genesis is sort of everything I’ve done, and Exodus is the final stamp, the exclamation point of everything,” he adds. 

By Rachel George
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