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Brandy was in awe of recording with Mariah Carey: “That was a dream come true”

ABC/Gavin Bond

Brandy has worked with numerous stars during her three-decade career, including the late Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, Boyz II Men and Kanye West. And recently, she was involved in an unforgettable collaboration with Mariah Carey.

“She’s just normal, chill, [and] supportive. When I was in the booth, doing whatever she wanted me to do, it was just beautiful to be coached by her,” the Queens star tells about recording with Mariah. “This is one of my favorite singers — top two. Whitney, and then it’s Mariah. I’m just glad that she invited me over to just sing with her, and we’ll see what happens. I loved working with her. That was a dream come true.”

Mariah confirmed the recording, which has not been released, during a Harper’s Bazaar interview in December.

She recalled Brandy saying, “‘Mariah, I love you. I want to do this with you. Can we please do it?'” Carey replied, “‘Please? Can we please do it? I’m asking you.'”

The “All I Want for Christmas Is You” singer was full of praise for her musical partner. “The people have no idea,” said Mariah. “She’s a mother. She’s doing this and that. She is doing it all.”

Brandy released her latest album, B7, in 2020, eight years after her previous project, Two Eleven. She says her fans won’t have wait so long for her next album.

“All the music I’ve done on Queens, being able to do music in the studio consistently, it’s inspired me to want to get back, to do my own music,” the 42-year-old entertainer says. “It’s not going to be no eight-year wait next time. I’m too inspired and too on fire in my spirit. I can’t wait.”

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