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Bobby Shmurda sheds light on unreleased collabs with Rowdy Rebel

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation

(NOTE LANGUAGE) Bobby Shmurda has a few songs with Rowdy Rebel in the vault, but clearance issues have gotten in the way of their releases. He provided an explanation while revealing that he and his fellow Brooklyn native have actively been working together on music.

“We got a bunch of collabs that got to get cleared,” Bobby told Apple Music 1’s Ebro Darden. “Hell yeah, tapes. Hell yeah, we still make music to this day.”

“Last time we made a song together, like, I think last month, like two, three weeks ago. We still make songs,” he continued. “We got like over eight, nine songs, we could get a mixtape out right now.”

Bobby and Rowdy have long worked together, releasing a few collabs, including Rowdy’s 2015 hit “Computers” and Bobby’s recent “Shmoney” single. The two were supposed to drop another song with an unnamed artist on Rowdy’s debut album, Rebel vs. Rowdy, but again, clearance issues halted its release.

“Something we had was supposed to get cleared with somebody, it didn’t get cleared, the whole situation,” Bobby explained. “The song didn’t get cleared because of the artist, and a whole bunch of b*******. He had a whole bunch of other s*** going on.”

He concluded, “That’s why I don’t like doing songs with people. Too much clearances, and then their labels be doing too much extra s***, I don’t got time for all that s***.”

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