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Bobby Brown blames Nick Gordon for deaths of Bobby Kristina, Whitney Houston

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Bobby Brown opened up about the loss of his children and his ex-wife, Whitney Houston, on Red Table Talk.

The veteran singer admitted his daughter, Bobby Kristina, was “stuck in an abusive relationship with a man, with a boy I should I say, that basically controlled her to the point where her life was taken.”

When asked whether or not he believed her ex partner, Nick Gordon, “drugged her,” Bobby says, “Definitely. He was the only one there with both situations with my ex-wife and with my daughter and they both died the same way.”  

Whitney Houston was found unresponsive in a bathtub in 2012 with drug paraphernalia nearby, according to the coroner’s report. Three years later, 22-year-old Bobby Kristina was found unresponsive in a bathtub and died three months later, in July 2015.  Gordon was found liable for her death in 2016 when he failed to appear to answer charges in a subsequent civil trial.

When asked if thought Gordon was involved in Whitney’s death, Bobby said, “I believe so.” 

“This is my opinion of who I think this young man was being around my daughter and being around my ex-wife. I think more so he was a provider of ‘party favors,'” Brown continued, making air quotes with his hands. 

Bobby said he was in rehab himself at the time of Gordon’s passing in February 2020 from a drug overdose.  “I planned on, once I left rehab, to approach the young man just to find out how my daughter was in her last days. But I never got a chance to find out from him or talk to him.”

Bobby says “prayer,” therapy, and his wife, Alicia Etheridge-Brown, help him cope with the loss of Bobby Kristina and his son, Bobby Brown Jr., who died last November of an accidental drug overdose.  Brown and his family are seeking criminal charges against the individuals he says are responsible for his son’s death.

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