Black Realtor, Black Client, And Son All Handcuffed While Showing House When Neighbors Call Cops Claiming “Suspect” On Property

A Black, Michigan-based, realtor named Eric Brown was doing his job and minding his business when he got what was possibly the scare of a lifetime. According to CNN, Brown was showing a home to a Black man named Roy Thorne and his 15-year-old son in the Michigan suburb of Wyoming when they noticed police officers surrounding the property with their guns drawn.

Apparently, a nosy neighbor failed 911 saying that a burglary suspect who had been arrested the week prior had returned to the home. There was no word on what that person was accused of doing but the cops clearly thought they were about to arrest Tony Montana.

Asked if he felt they had been racially profiled, Brown said, “In that moment, it certainly felt that way.” He found it difficult to justify the level of force used, he said, describing it as a “tactical” response.
Eventually, all three were released from handcuffs but without significant injury to their mental health and dignity.
The incident scared 15-year-old Samuel Thorne, who told Lemon he felt “confusion and shock and fear … because I had no idea why they were all down there at that time.”
“It went from, ‘Dad, there’s cops outside,’ to ‘come outside with your hands up,’” Samuel said. “That was kind of like, just from zero to 100.”
The Wyoming Police Department apologized but said that they were acting in alignment with the official protocol for the given situation.
“When responding to a reported home invasion in progress with multiple individuals inside a home, this is standard protocol,” Wyoming police said in their statement.
Bottom line is, stop calling the police on Black folks for doing regular things like doing their jobs!