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X102.3's Black Xcellence for Black History Month.

Will showcase a variety of different African-American musicians, historians, dreamers, and inventors over the few decades. 



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From painting to sculpture, music to dance, song to silhouette, African Americans have found voice and flight through the visual and performing arts. Bringing narratives of solace, songs of resistance, images of strength, lyrics of love, power, and empowerment to the foreground, African American artists have been at the forefront of a rich tradition of creativity and culture in the United States. This month, X 102.3 is celebrating X-cellence in black music.

For more than 40 years, the United States has recognized the month of February officially as Black History Month. Born out of a need to emphasize the contributions of blacks within American history, Black History Month has played an important role in highlighting blackness and black excellence in America.

African Americans and other black inventor have contributed to various industries over the decades. This Black History month, X102.3 is highlighting the things we share from the contributions of black inventors.