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The Children Of The Future Inc


  (561) 768-6071
1520 Latham Road West Palm Beach FL 33409

The Children of the Future Inc. is a Economically Development Program for Youth. TCOTF began the youth development program to reach out to young people who has great potential but not as many opportunities. Youth, who could easily give up because of their environment or the distractions of poverty, peer-pressure, and the lack of encouragement from family.

Children of the Future Inc. work with youths who are at the cross roads of failing and succeeding, share with them the opportunity that the City and our world has to offer, from schools, jobs, careers, travels, etc. Teaching them how to break the cycle from just having a job to reaching the possibility of having a career.

Many of the kids don’t reach beyond their environments because they don’t have anyone to excite them on the idea of going far and doing more, but The Children of the Future will. We not only want to excite them, we want to show them. Many of the kids are from single parent households, where time is limited between childhood and parenthood, and because there’s only one bread winner. And because that reason, youth find many opportunities for mischief. Here at Children of the Future Inc. we love giving incentives.

Young Men of Distinction


(561) 899-5530
2201 Avenue F Riviera Beach, FL 33404

Young Men of Distinction is a mentorship program who mentors ages 7-18 young men. Our motto is “Helping to Create Generational Wealth & Empowerment.” We offer programs such as physical and mental health, financial literacy, college preparation and trade school, entrepreneurship and many others. We service the Palm Beach County area.