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Big Boi says it was "a dream come true" to play funk legend George Clinton on BET's 'American Soul'

Nathan Bolster/BET

Big Boi says taking on the role of funk legend George Clinton on BET’s American Soul was an opportunity of a lifetime.

“I was excited as hell,” Big Boi tells ABC Audio. “George is one of my favorites.”

“A lot our music is funk based,” the rapper continues, referring to his music group, OutKast. “I mean, we were influenced heavily by part of the Funkadelic. And so for me to play somebody I was studying since I was a boy, it was like a dream come true.”

While getting to play the funk legend was a new experience for Big Boi, being around the master musician was not.

“[He’s] somebody I’ve work with on several several projects, like he’s like an uncle to me,” Big Boi says. “And he’s like the coolest, weirdest cat on the planet. He’s all the way left field. So, it was a real honor to bring him to life on screen.”

So how does one prepare to play the king of funk? Big Boi says he studied Clinton’s moves by watching “a lot of live concert footage…from the 70s on YouTube.”

“I want to do it all the way,” he says. “When I get into a role, I want to embody that character. I knew a lot of George’s mannerisms from being around him.”

Of course, Big Boi admits there were a few annoying setbacks.

“I just didn’t know [about] wearing them heavy… wigs and stringy hair tickling your face all day — it was crazy,” he laughs. “It was an experience, though.”

“Everybody…that worked on the show..poured their heart and soul into it,” Big Boi adds. “And made it as authentic as possible.” 

American Soul featuring Big Boi airs June 24th at 10 p.m. ET on BET.

By Candice Williams
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